Cage Connect was envisaged to represent a community of animal lovers who, like us, are tired of walking into the local pet store and finding nothing new for their cage. Being forced to mix and match colours of boring accessories that we have very little say on.

We at Cage Connect aim to provide a platform that is flexible enough to explore creative approaches to cage design that have not previously been explored. Whilst giving you, the consumer, the choice to choose from colours and concepts that are not currently available. Working the way we do allows us to be flexible in products that we offer. We can design a new product, list it and despatch within a few weeks. All this whilst exploring unique colour combinations which large retailers may choose not to offer. 

Our products have been tried and tested by trusted owners and we have their stamp of approval. Now all we need is yours. Help us to overcome the drought of small pet supplies and strive to provide a better environment for your pets and yourself.

We want you to connect with us so that we can ensure your cage is connected.